Stella Odife

(Chief Mrs.) Stella Odife joins the board from Nigeria, where she is a barrister, handling corporate finance matters in between her extensive work to promote women’s rights. Stella has authored two books on gender equity issues in Nigeria and co-founded the Women’s Organisation for Gender Issues (WOGI), a United Nations NGO in Lagos. WOGI teaches women in rural Nigeria how to start their own businesses and gain economic independence, educates women about their legal rights and providing free legal services and counseling, as well as bringing lawsuits in Nigeria to challenge discriminatory practices. Stella is a past Deputy Governor of the Anambra State in Nigeria, as well as a Chartered Mediator, a member of Federation of International Women Lawyers (FIDA), and currently a member of the Governing Council of International Institute of Leadership and Governance in Abuja, Nigeria. We are honored to have Stella’s intelligence, insight, and indefatigable energy to the cause of gender equity around the world.

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