International Action Network for Gender Equity and Law, IANGEL

We are a network of lawyers who believe in equity for and equality of all people. Together, we are harnessing the collective power of talent, resources, and actions, to help secure equity and rights for women and girls around the world.


We are an international network dedicated to advancing gender equity and protecting the human and civil rights of women and girls, through peaceful legal means. We advance our mission by connecting the lawyers and legal associations willing to donate their skills and energy to the activists and organizations working to promote this cause nationally and throughout the world.


We believe in a world where all people have the same rights to basic human dignity, fairness, and self-determination, regardless of gender. We believe in equal economic opportunity, including the right to equal pay, fair pay, the right to education, and equal property and inheritance rights. We believe that women are entitled to personal dignity, privacy, and autonomy, including access to birth control and reproductive rights, the right to choose whom to marry and whether to divorce, and the right to live freely and without physical, sexual, or emotional abuse.


We believe that the individuals and organizations working to protect women’s rights, to confront gender bias, and to reform legal and cultural barriers to full and equal participation of women in society should not want for resources. We believe that connecting volunteer lawyers to the cause of gender equity will build a stronger movement for justice worldwide.


Around the country and around the world, lawyers and law firms have the willingness and desire to donate their time and their skills as writers, thinkers, and advocates, to join the fight against unfair laws and discriminatory practices, but have few opportunities to do so.  Simultaneously, those on the front lines of the struggle for justice are invariably stretched thin by the challenges of trying to do too much with too little.

IANGEL changes this dynamic by:

Building the Network. Building and maintaining a network of lawyers, law firms, and bar associations, who desire to use their skills, resources, talent, and influence, to advance gender equity and reduce discrimination;

Strengthening Partnerships. Strengthening and building strategic partnerships with individuals, and public and private organizations around the world who promote and protect the rights of women and girls;

Facilitating Results. Facilitating the effective delivery of pro bono legal services, and national and international advocacy to advance equal rights.

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