Amel Zenoune-Zouani

IANGEL is accepting nominations for its Amel Zenoune-Zouani Rights & Leadership Award which will be presented at its 2019 Gala.

IANGEL’s prestigious Rights and Leadership Award honors an exemplary leader promoting women’s rights and gender equality.  In 2018, the Rights and Leadership Award was named for Amel Zenoune-Zouani, an Algerian law student who was murdered by fundamentalists in 1988 for refusing to give up her studies.  The award in Amel’s memory keeps her in our hearts and minds, reminds us of the sacrifices made in pursuit of gender equality, and inspires us to continue the hard work ahead.

Honorees receiving this award exhibit courage in overcoming injustice, open doors for women to opportunities that have been historically closed to them, and use advocacy and the rule of law to achieve their goals.

 IANGEL is seeking nominations of remarkable individuals who have achieved professional excellence and:

  • made an outstanding contribution to the promotion and protection of women’s rights;
  • exhibited courage in overcoming injustice and advancing gender equality;
  • opened doors for women to opportunities that historically were closed to them;
  • shown dedication to social justice.

    Recent awardees of Rights & Leadership Award: Andrea Carlise (top left), Kim Thuy Seelinger (bottom left), Yoana Tchoukleva (center), Karima Bennoune (top right) and Angela M. Bradstreet

Nomination packets must be sent via e-mail to and must include:

  • Nominator’s full name and contact information including e-mail;
  • Nominee’s full name and contact information including e-mail;
  • Nominee’s resume, bio, or CV;
  • High resolution color photograph of the nominee;
  • A statement explaining why the nominee is a deserving recipient of this award (not more than 350 words);
  • A statement describing how the nominee inspires the nominator (not more than 350 words);
  • Recommendation letters (at least one and not more than five).

Deadline for nominations is extended till December 31, 2018. Any nominations received after the deadline will not be considered.

For questions or clarification email  More information about the award and past awardees can be found here.

Nominations Sought for IANGEL’s 2019 Rights & Leadership Award
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