The mood was joyous and exciting as IANGEL officially launched at yesterday’s NCWBA Women’s Bar Leader Summit reception, hosted by Hanson Bridgett LLP.  There were around 50 guests in attendance, including some of San Francisco’s most influential and outstanding women leaders.  

The challenges and obstacles faced by women and girls here and abroad are many and they are serious, ranging from a relentless assault on reproductive rights, unequal pay, unequal rights to own property or inherit property, sexual harassment, sex trafficking and slavery, female genital mutilation, dowry killings, and on and on. We hear about these issues and feel outraged about the injustices in the world, but we don’t know how we can make a difference.  This is why we are forming a network of volunteer lawyers and organizations that are joined in shared indignation over injustice and gender bias.  We are giving talented people the opportunity to use their skills as lawyers and women’s rights advocates to fight for justice anywhere in the world.  We are harnessing our collective power and helping organizations working on gender bias issues to effectively use the power that we can create.

Each of us has an obligation to do whatever she can to promote fairness and justice around the world.  We need your help!  Visit our website, join us, connect with us, share our cause, read our newsletter, like us on facebook.  Let’s work together for justice!

Photos courtesy of Diane Rynerson, NCWBA Executive Director.



Official IANGEL launch
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